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Knowledge is Power: How Shared Chemical Intelligence is Key to Your Next Scientific Breakthrough

By Gabriela Cimpan, Senior Director Sales, Europe, ACD/Labs

Whether you’re on a drug discovery project trying to understand the optimal property profile of a lead series, in crop protection research trying to understand the potential fate of a new pesticide, a chromatographer looking for the ideal pH for a separation, or a student with homework questions to answer, leveraging your eco-system of chemical experts may be the basis of your next scientific breakthrough.

When preparing for research or experimentation, utilizing existing knowledge to gather information on chemical compounds can expedite your discovery process and fuel innovation. But where can you find a reliable network of data? One answer lies in your internet browser. ChemSpider, the most robust online chemical structure database owned by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), includes information on over 63 million structures, properties, and more. By making scientific information accessible and easy to use, ChemSpider can help you circumnavigate the chemical landscape, while also saving time in the lab, at work, or studying for an exam.  

Partnering with many vendors, including ACD/Labs for physicochemical property predictions and chemical nomenclature, ChemSpider has developed into a primary resource for the chemical community over the past ten years. Since 2008 when we began our partnership with RSC to establish ChemSpider as a leading database, we’ve generated property information, including logP, logD (at various pHs), Lipinski rule-of-5 values, and boiling point, and delivered name-to-structure (and vice-versa) capabilities to provide quality insights to researchers.

Shared Chemical Intelligence-01

After ChemSpider’s market research showed that Percepta Predictors and ACD/Name tools are among the top five functions users regularly seek on ChemSpider, we renewed our partnership last month so we can continue to help the ChemSpider team in refining and updating their database to enhance chemical intelligence worldwide. While the database has doubled in size, what’s most important to the team is that the quality of data is fine-tuned as scientific research evolves, so it can continue to produce valuable and accurate results.

So, next time you’re seeking chemical intelligence to help progress research with confidence and efficiency, think about how publicly available resources and shared insights may be the key to your next breakthrough.


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