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January 10, 2012


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So the only downside to zero filling is hard disk space? So then A would be the best spectra, ignoring disk space requirements (which become cheaper and cheaper each year)?


Hello Canageek,

Thank you for taking the time to contribute.

I think there are several disadvantages to overestimating the amount of zero filling for an NMR spectrum. Here are a few issues to consider:

Yes, the hard drive space can fill up quickly with large files built up by excessive zero filling. This becomes quite evident with 2D and 3D NMR datasets.

Large files may also impact data storage systems that house the data. Library search algorithms may be affected by bulky files.

Software used to process and report the spectral data can be bogged down by larger files.

Please note that I moved your comment from Logic Puzzle #26 to #25. I find it more appropriate with the latter post.


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