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Percepta Moves to the Cloud as a “Portal” Web-Based Application

Andrius Sazonovas, ACD/Labs

Today’s mobile scientist expects to have access to data and reports wherever their office may be for the day—whether that means at home, in a traditional lab setting, or on the road at a conference. Being “mobile” can also mean working anywhere in the world outside of the headquarters and still being able to access the main server.

Percepta Portal main image-01

With distributed teams, IT departments are feeling the pressure to ensure access to the network is available for all employees despite their location. Although with smaller IT teams and the growth in outsourcing tech support, corporations are in need of an easier way to manage and maintain the infrastructure—and that’s where web-based applications come into play.  

For the past 25 years, we’ve continued to innovate our platforms to meet our customers’ most pressing needs. In 1994, we introduced our first PhysChem property calculator (LogP), and over the years have added models for additional molecular descriptors, like pKa, logD, ADME, and toxicity. Now, given the need to create a multi-user, multi-location online lab environment, we’ve added a new deployment option on our Percepta Platform that allows end users to access our property calculators remotely from any location at any time—Percepta Portal.


Percepta Portal offers powerful plotting and sorting capabilities to aid confident decision-making from molecular property information.

Hosted on your corporate intranet or on the cloud, our new web-based application can be used for prediction of molecular properties (PhysChem, ADME, and toxicity) and data analysis. This new option for customers allows for greater flexibility within corporate distributed multi-user environments while also supporting non-Windows based operating systems. Portal is an addition to our existing desktop interface for full physicochemical, ADME, and toxicity calculator modules, and our Batch Plug-ins to corporate intranets that screen thousands of compounds.

Percepta Portal leverages machine learning capabilities to help scientists working in today’s modern life sciences lab environment process large amounts of data faster and more efficiently in real time, while continuing to improve accuracy and relevance of their chemical calculations. For IT departments, Percepta Portal can be installed, maintained, and updated in one single location, while also being flexible enough to integrate with third-party platforms through plugins and custom APIs.

With mobility becoming a standard work practice, access to web-based applications is now a requirement for any corporation looking to efficiently complete experiments. The evolution of Percepta to the cloud is our commitment to customers in bringing them the best solution possible—one that allows them to easily and confidently determine results while streamlining their workflow.

For more information on this latest update, check out our press release or website.



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